About Zone/Area 5

Round Table exists only through its 97 clubs et their members, the Tablers. Zone 5 (Area 5) regroup the 21 Round Table club from Liège and Luxembourg provinces. Round Table is located in every corner of our lovely region : Arlon, Aubange, Bastogne, Chaudfontaine, Eupen, Hannut, Herve, Huy, Liège (4 Tables), Malmedy, Marche, Neufchâteau, Sankt Vith, Spa, Verviers, Vielsalm, Visé and Durbuy.

« What is the use of the Area ? »

First aim is to help every Zone 5 « Tablers » !
To reach this target, we want, among others, to :

– Promote meeting between Tablers from different Table ;
– Share amazing moment to develop friendship ;
– Propose meetings and activities to ease the experience exchange between Table ;
– Help to promote your activities and raise your visibility ;
– Support Table in quality meetings organisations ;
– Liaise Table with the National Board ;

Do not hesitate to contact any of us for any question !

Zone 5 Chairman