Golden fleece foundation

Informations and Rules
General Introduction

In 1971, a senior member of RT Belgium offered a sum of 2.000 Euros to any divided and awarded over a period of ten years in annual allocations of 2.000 Euros to any club in World Council, to assist their community service projects. Until 1983, the donator remained anonymous, however following an unanimous decision of the Annual General Meeting of RT Belgium on 23rt April 1983, he was made an honorary life member of the association and his identity was revealed – Paul Hottlet, of Round Table Antwerp 2 and founder of the ‘Golden Fleece Fund’. RT Belgium has decided to perpetuate the ‘fund”, which is now known as the ‘Golden Fleece Foundation’ – the Golden Fleece being the symbol of RTB. The ‘Golden Fleece Foundation’ is funded by Belgian Tablers and by private donations. The Award, a minimum of 3.000 Euro, will be made to the club, which during the past twelve months made the greatest effort, be it financial or personal, towards its community service, with consideration being given to the urgency of the need, as well as to its general appeal and stimulation features. The allocation of the Award or only implicates a recognition of efforts already made, but intends to be of help in the fulfilment and/or to favour further efforts in the community service of the club.


Club candidates for the Award must take an application in writing from a special questionnaire (refer to right hand column). Applications must be received at the latest by 15th May of the current year. Exceptionally, the nomination or application may be presented by another club, both belonging in either case to World Council. The same procedure for application applies.

The Award

The Award will be presented to the winning clubs delegation or representative at the World Council AGM in the form of a cheque. The selection committee consists of the administrators of the ‘Foundation’ including the donator. The selection com- mittee reserves the right to divide the Award amongst two or more clubs.


Applications should be sent to the President of Round Table Belgium to reach the following address not later than 15th May.

Appication Form


1994/1995 MOEDERS VOOR MOEDERS Antwerpen 25
1995/1996 Antwerp Int. 67
2000/2001 Apex Clubs of Fidji – ‘Vision 2001’: Need for lenses to treat eye
patients in fi nancial diffi culties
RT Sri Lanka – Fetal Heart Monitor: donation to a hospital which
delivered over 6200 babies in 2000
2002/2003 RT Italy – ‘Shoqata Betania – Home Betania’: albanian house
for children without parents
Club Activo 20-30 de Cali – Children’s Shelter “Villa Del Sur”
2003/2004 RT Tunis – ‘La Joie de Vivre’
RT Mauritius – ‘SOS Children’s Village in Mauritius’
2004/2005 RT Austria
2005/2006 RT India & RT Sri Lanka: Tsunami
2006/2007 RT Nepal, Freedom Through Education
2009/2010 RT Italy & RT South Africa
2010/2011 RT Mauritius

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